Learn exactly how to strengthen your entire body while building resilience, endurance and valuable self-defense skills!

Our Muay Thai classes are designed for both beginners and experts to help you get in perfect tune with your body while bringing you a wide array of health benefits.

At DynaMaxX, we offer a highly regimented Muay Thai course that helps individuals get acquainted with the Thai Boxing technique while equipping them with the self-discipline and mental-acuity needed to become excellent martial artists.



Loosely translated as Thai Boxing, Muay Thai is also referred to as “The science of eight limbs” a kickboxing technique emanating from Thailand. It involves the use of elbows, fists, shins and knees (eight point of contacts) to engage and attempt to subdue an opponent.

Due to the highly rigorous nature of the sport, Muay Thai is both a combat sport and an efficient means of exercise that provides immense benefits to the body. To become an excellent Muay Thai practitioner, one must aspire to the highest levels of self-discipline, endurance and adaptability, all of which are great factors that contribute to effective body sculpting and weight loss.


Whether you are looking to lose weight, bulk up, improve flexibility or improve the speed at which you move, Muay Thai is the perfect sport for you.

Our courses are handled by an expert Muay Thai trainer who is adept at working with both novices and experienced fighters in order to ensure that you get the exact results you want.

With us, you get the perfect way to get started without feeling left behind. Our beginner classes offer complete novices the basic training they need to get acquainted with the combat sport while bringing you access to our intermediary classes as you begin to progress.


Then enroll for our intermediary classes and join other experienced fighters who are the same journey to stamina building and body sculpting just like you. We want to offer you a result-driven program that teaches you new fighting techniques, styles and approaches unlike you have ever seen before.

Join our annual sparring expedition

By enrolling in our course, you can participate in our annual trips to Thailand where you get to meet and fight with other Muay Thai practitioners in order to hone your skill, expand your knowledge and connect with other fighters in the sport.


Muay Thai offers a wide range of health benefits that makes it suitable for individuals of all ages. While it could appear somewhat violent and vigorous at the highest levels, recreational Muay Thai is safe and well-suited for both kids and the elderly.

Improve cardiovascular performance and conditioning

With improved endurance being one of the pay-offs that comes with the sport, Muay Thai fighters/practitioners tend to be very fit as the training regimen places a great deal of stress on their cardiopulmonary system thereby promoting blood flow and circulation.

Build a formidable core

Aside from maintaining a great looking 6-pack, Muay Thai involves a lot of clinching, twisting, and rotations that engages your abdominal muscles thereby strengthening your overall core.

It is the perfect form of self-defense

By arming you with a wide array of fighting techniques, Muay Thai teaches you exactly how to stay calm and calculated in the face of danger. This enables you to think strategically and puts you in the best position to fight off an attacker even in the most unexpected moments.

muay thai fight benefit
It helps with weight loss

Fighters can lose over 1200-1500 calories in just one Muay Thai training session. This makes it highly effective in the fight against fat with the added benefits of muscle toning as it builds your entire body from your legs, to your core and even your arms.

Boost self-discipline and mental health

Unlike other exercises, Muay Thai actively engages your mental faculty as it requires a great deal of thinking to maneuver obstacles and subdue hypothetical opponents. Needless to say, this is a brilliant way to help you build your resilience as you slowly gain self-confidence and unleash your inner warrior.


You are one step away from transforming your health!

Get started on your journey and connect with other aspiring Muay Thai fighters who are on the same journey to self-defense proficiency and complete wellness… just like you!

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Is there a beginner’s class for total novices?

Yes. We are setting up a « Muay Thai Fitness & Beginners » class which will last for 1hour per session. This class will be slated to hold on Mondays from 18:30h to 19:30h. In these classes, no fighting and no sparrings are done.


The goal is to introduce fighters to the various Muay Thai techniques. Participants can envision this as a more effective Tae Bo class. Once you feel ready, and the trainer feels that you’re ready, you can go on to the intermediate classes.


Even intermediate fighters can participate in these classes in order to get a more intensive training while relearning and specializing the basics.

Is there any age restriction?

No, there are no age restrictions and enrollment depends solely on the fitness rules and ability to adhere to them.


However, we can eventually plan to introduce kids’ classes. Rising phoenix can setup an insurance plan for underage fighters.

Do I need to bring my own gear?

Not for the first classes. You will be able to borrow some gear.


If you wish to pursue however, you’d need to get some material. Rising Phoenix will explain you all the details.

How many days a week will the classes hold?

2-3 times, optionally on weekends.

Can we try it out once before engaging to the course?

Yes, the first class in free. You’re entitled to a free trial.

Can I lose weight with Muay Thai?

Absolutely. We have had students that lost 15kg in just 6 months

Is Muay Thai Dangerous?

Like any sport, you can hurt yourself while doing it. 


Nevertheless, the trainer is very cautious and watches out on every members so that enjuries gets avoided.

What would you say, is the biggest advantage of Muay Thai compared to another fighting discipline?

It is the most comprehensive/complete fighting sport compared to all other combat sports while offering the advantage of increased discipline and physical endurance.